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Server Rules.
Rule 1: Use of Bots and/or Hacks
-This absolutely forbidden, You WILL be banned on sight, no questions asked and do not ask for your account back.
-Anyone that knows someone is using a bot and/or hacking will also be banned for not reporting it.
-Dual-Boxing is not allowed, although not as major as bots or hacks, you will be warned if you are caught. Temporary ban on a second offese.
Rule 2: Exploits
-Exploiting is a bannable act on this server. GMS will discuss this, and will decide what will happen depending on the severity of the act.
-We will monitor everything to the best that we can, Please report ANY exploits that you find on the Apocalypse site or whisper a GM ingame. ANY=bugs/glitches/dupes/exploits!
-Again anyone who knows about this will also be banned.
GMs and Players.
-Most important, GMs will NOT hand out items of any sorts. There is no point in even asking.
-Also impersonationg any GM or staff will result in an instant ban.
-Please respect all staff, including the server. GMs do make mistakes, so dont get angry right away, give us time to fix the mistake.
-GMS will NOT cause any player to lose experience and equipment intentionally. Eventts, are excluded from this.
-When a GM notices something that will cause unbalance to the server. All the GMs have a right to do whatever action is necessary to fix it so the server stays balanced and avoids any much larger conflict down the road by letting it continue
-All GMs have the right to take any actions necessary to uphold the server rules. The staff will talk it over and come to a decision together.
-The official language of this sever is English.
-Racist comments will not be tolerated, this will result in a chat ban. Time will depend on the severity of the comment.
-Harrassment is also not allowed. Although not as severe as Racism, it is still a Chat bannable action.
-We do allow cursing ingame, but please try not to take it to far. We will take appropriate action if it gets out of control.
-Please try not to curse on the forums, keep it clean and suitable for all to read.
-We realize that trash talking is apart of lineage, and we are not against it, but please keep it under control, if we feel that your are getting out of control you will be warned.
-GMs work and put there time into a free server. We can not be on 24/7. So please dont get upset if we are not always on.
-These rules are here to help us keep a suitable playing environment.
-Rules are subject to change at any time, so please keep updated here to see if there are any changes.
-All rules are to be followed. Players who do not follow rules, will be dealt with accordingly.
-I can not say this enough - SHARING ACCOUNTS AND/OR ITEMS IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Do not come to us and ask us to return and item that someone did not return to you, or an account that was stolen from you. Again this is AT YOUR OWN RISK!
-Do Not Advertise any other server, anywhere on this site, I will be monitoring the chat logs, and if you are caught, your character(s) will be deleted!
-Do Not Advertise our server on any other website. If i get word of this action, your character(s) will be deleted!
Please Enjoy Your Time Here.
Thanks from our Admins.
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